German SS M44 Dot Peas camouflage tunic Size 52

Reproduction M44 Dot Peas camouflage tunic worn by the Waffen SS.

In early 1944, the Waffen-SS introduced a new uniform, meant to replace the pullover smocks already well in use as well as extend the use of the wool uniform. It consisted of a tunic and trouser, very similar in pattern to the M43 wool uniform. The camouflage pattern was dubbed "Erbsenmuster" (Peas pattern) and was meant to be used in all seasons, dispensing with the need for the reversible uniforms. The Dot44 uniform could be worn over the standard wool uniform or by itself in summer weather/ hotter climates.

The only clothing produced and issued on a large scale were tunics, Panzer jackets, M43 style trousers and Panzer pattern trousers. It is possible other pieces were field made from zeltbahn cloth and not actually 44 dot pattern camouflage

They are made of a tough herringbone material and Feature two hip pockets and two chest pockets as well as internal suspenders for the belt hooks and first aid kit pocket.

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